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Phil Hilborne Interview: The Guv'nor Part One

The UK's top Guitarist and Educator Phil Hilborne provides an exclusive mega interview with guitar tales galore featuring a host of world famous players...
Phil Hilborne Live

When we sat down and conceived back in 2005, I had a wish list of players that I really wanted to feature. Phil Hilborne was right at the top: for anyone learning to play rock guitar growing up in the 80's and early 90's in the UK, Phil was pretty much omnipresent. As music editor of Guitarist magazine, and latterly co-founder and Music and CD Editor of Guitar Techniques, Phil influenced and taught a whole generation how to play - and play properly....

Steve Lukather Interview: Ever Changing Times...

Exclusive New Interview with Toto's Great Steve Lukather...

Steve Lukather is a man who needs no introduction to most guitarists the world over - and it's safe to say that pretty much anyone who's listened to popular music over the past 30 years will have heard his work: from Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Madonna through to Roger Waters, Don Henley and Boz Scaggs - not forgetting his multi platinum band Toto - Steve Lukather is one of the most recorded and acclaimed guitarists in history.

John Mayall Interview: Godfather of British Blues

Blues Legend John Mayall has an exclusive one on one with Brian D Holland

John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers recently released 'In The Palace Of The King', a tribute to the music of the late, great Freddie King. It was therefore a good time to catch up with a genuine Blues legend...

The latest in a long line of album releases, 'In The Palace Of The King' sees John joined by his long-standing Bluesbreakers lineup of guitarist Buddy Whittington, drummer Joe Yuele, bassist Hank Van Sickle, and keyboardist Tom Canning alongside a fine horn section comprising of Lee Thornburg, Lon Price, and Red Holloway.

Bloc Party's Guitar Man Russell Lissak

Talking telecasters (not literally)

Russell Lissack of Bloc Party is one of the best young guitarists in the country. He is innovative and very creative with his ever-growing effects board. You only need to hear the crazy drooping sounds on 'Like Eating Glass' (from first album 'Silent Alarm') or the intro to 'Hunting for Witches' or the solo to 'The Prayer' (both from their follow-up album 'A Weekend in the City') for Russell to instantly stand out a mile.

Brett Garsed Interview Part Two: The American Years

In part two of 'Liquid Virtuosity' Brett Gased takes us through his years working in Los Angeles, working with mult million selling AOR band Nelson, teaching at Hollywoods famed Musicians Insititute, jamming with Scott Henderson and much more!

In Part One of our epic trawl through the career of Australian virtuoso rock fusion guitarist Brett Garsed, we looked at his early years and his breakthrough touring and recording with John Farnham. Now Brett takes us through his American years which all started due to Brett scoring the gig with Ricky Nelsons son's melodic rock band par excellence Nelson.

Brett Garsed Interview: Liquid Virtuosity

An exclusive interview with the world renowned Australian Rock and Fusion virtuoso Brett Garsed: in Part One we look at the early days and how Brett went from being a jobbing plumber down under to the brink of his life as an LA Rock guitarist.
Brett Garsed Interview - Liquid Virtuosity

Liquid Virtuosity Part One: Early Days Down Under

I first heard Brett Garsed's playing whilst half asleep, stuck in a traffic jam in North London on a foggy Saturday morning in late 1990. Cutting through both the external and internal fog (a result of cracking student party hangover...) were the most eloquent, sinuous and melodic rock guitar lines I had pretty much ever heard! Now properly awake, I asked my AOR loving driver who was playing: none other than the much derided 'Timotei Twins' of rock: Nelson!

Gary Moore Interview - Sticking With The Blues

We catch up with rock legend and blue's maestro Gary Moore...
Gary Moore Interview

Career Retrospective

"... whenever I was in the dressing room on my own, I'd start playing blues to myself. One night, Bob Daisley, the bass player, came in and said, "You know, Gary, you should make a blues album next. It might be the biggest thing you ever did." I laughed, you know. He laughed, too. But I did, and he was right, and it was." Gary Moore, speaking of a moment leading up to the making of his "Still Got The Blues" album, released in 1990.

Paul Gilbert Interview - The Shredmeister General


Paul Gilbert is synonymous with not only extreme technique, but also an irrepressible humour that crosses all musical boundaries; consequently he tends to be the shredder non shred fans love as well!

For this exclusive new Paul Gilbert Interview Mike Blackburn met up with Paul at a recent G3 show in Toronto.

A Little History

John Petrucci Interview - Systematic Precision


Dream Theater’s John Petrucci is a guitarist’s guitarist. Articulate and precise with speed to burn, he slashed a lonely trail through the barren wasteland that was the post grunge era and lived to tell about it. From his very first note, he had captured the ears of serious rivals and shred fans alike and he continues to this day to dazzle and inspire.

Let’s learn a little bit more about the man known as the human metronome, who graciously took the time to chat with us during the recent G3 tour of America. John called from sunny Las Vegas to be precise.

Joe Satriani - Instrumental Hero - G3 2007 Update


Joe Satriani Interview

On the eve of the new G3 2007 tour, this time with fellow virtuoso guitarists Paul Gilbert (of Mr Big, Racer X and solo fame) and John Petrucci (from progressive metal titans Dream Theatre) Joe found time to give Alloutguitar an update on life as arguably the premier instrumental guitarist of the last two decades.

Did you grow up in a particularly musical family or environment?

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