Elevenses Special with GUSTAVO DI PADUA!

In an Elevenses Special, we catch up with the very charming Gustavo Di Padua and talk about his new album 'The Stairs'.

Gustavo Di Padua is one of the most exciting young talents to hail from Brazil in recent years. He plays for number of Brazilian bands and already has a growing following in Japan. He was one of the standout entrants in Guitar Idol 2008 and his new album 'The Stairs' has got everyone at All Out Guitar very excited (a review of the album to follow soon).

So what’s your drink of choice at 11am in the morning?

Hahaha At 11am? Coffee and water. Usually, I drink a lot of coffee and water in the morning. But for example, when I came back from London, my wife picked me up at the airport and all I wanted was to drink some beer with her to celebrate my return! And she said "but it’s only 11 o’clock in the morning!" And then I realized about the difference of time... I was very confused! I was still on London’s time, that would be around 3pm. So I had to wait until 12pm - Just to make her happy. Hahaha.

Which song/album really made you want to play guitar?

A great album that always made me want to play guitar was “The Extremist”, by Joe Satriani, definitely.

Who are your favourite guitarists and biggest influences?

Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and some rock/heavy metal bands that I heard as teenager like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Dream Theater etc...
These were my biggest influences since the beginning. But I also really enjoy Ritchie Kotzen, Edu Ardanuy, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci and many others.

There seems to be a huge Rock guitar scene in Brazil, what’s the reason for this?

It is true, we have a big rock guitar scene that has been growing more and more. I think that we have some great guitar players and a lot of kids starting to play guitar influenced by rock music, just like I did. And when these kids really have the skills and are willing to learn, they evolve and usually want to be professionals and work with music.
I know how hard it is to build up this career but I also know how rewarding it is. I always say that to people. I would never say: “No, don’t do it, choose another profession.” Everything contributes for this growth of the brazilian rock scene. The valuation of the music and of the musicians. And I’m really glad with all this growth.

So tell us all about your incredible new solo album The Stairs?

Ah… this is a “love story”! Hahaha

I started composing the song “The Stairs” just for a Youtube vídeo, because I didn’t have anything like that, and now I realised how important it is to have this kind of material. When I recorded the pre-production of this song, which is the actual take from that vídeo, I had no doubts that I would have to continue the work. And, of course, it was time for my first solo album.

And I would not stop until it was done. I’ve continued composing and everything really happened very fluently and naturally. The album started to have a concept. I decided to tell a little of my history using these songs. Each music would be an important step of my life. A history of growth and learning, that definitely, doesn’t stop here... Hahaha

Well, my influences, in a certain way, are impressed on the album but I confess that I didn’t want to listen to anything at this period of time. I really wanted to be musically alone with myself. Everything had to be like how I was feeling at that time.

The record was made at my home-studio and I used, as effects, only the Voodoo Valve by Rocktron, in line. I really like this preamp. I’ve been using it for a thousand years.

Almost all of the songs were recorded with my Fender Strat. Just in one track I used a 7-String Ibanez Prestige.

Besides producing the album, I’ve also decided to record all the instruments. Everything had to be exactly the way I’ve wanted, as the arrangements and the interpretations. I coudn’t invite some other musician full of ideas and just forbid the guy of doing what he wants. At some other time, when I record a solo album with other musicians, I'll want everything from them, their essence and styles. But in this album, it coudn’t be that way... Hahaha. Just in one track (Spiritual Lesson), I invited Samuel Souza, keyboard player and a huge friend.

This album was composed, recorded, mixed and mastered from July of 2007 to March of 2008. The cover art was made by a great brazilian designer called Antônio Cesar, who translated exactly the concept that I presented to him.

And my favorite song, Hmm... Sincerely I don’t have... I really like all of them... But I really have a incredible affection by “Spiritual Lesson”.

You already have a name for your self in Japan - will The Stairs be released there? And what about Europe and N. America?
Who would be in your dream line-up – past or present?

I really hope it is released in Japan. I still don’t know about it, but I’m showing the album to some people and I’ll be happy if this happens. I have a great desire to release this album in Europe, North America and every other parts of the world. Not just this album, but the next cds, etc... I can not wait for that! I really hope that everyone enjoys my new album.

Vocals: David Coverdale

Keyboards: Jordan Rudess

Drums: Mike Portnoy

Guitar 1: Gustavo Di Padua

Guitar 2: Eduardo Ardanuy

Bass Guitar: Stu Hamm

How many guitars do your own and which one is ‘your precious’?

Currently, I have three guitars. A Fender Stratocaster, a 7-String Ibanez Prestige and a Crafter County Series. I like them all. One for each situation.

Tell us all about the bands you are currently in?


Endless (Metal) is my oldest band in activity. We’re getting back together with rehearsals and preparing a new concert, for the album “A Dream At The Sun”, released in 2006 in Japan by the japanese label Marquee/Avalon. This is the second album of the band and we’re promoting independently this album in Brazil. The first CD is called “Eternal Winds”, released in Brazil and in some other countries too. We stopped playing in 2002 but now, we are back and it will be awesome to play live with this band.
Line up:
Vitor Veiga- Vocals
Gustavo Di Pádua - Guitars
Rodrigo Carrie - Keyboards
Felipe Ximenez -Bass guitars
Sergio Sanches - Drums
More details at: www.myspace.com/endlessrocks

Cápsula (Rock) is a very different and heavy stuff (just to know, I sing in this band Hahaha). We’ve released in 2007, a music video, produced by Paulo Jevaux, of the music “Sufocado” (“Suffocated”) and a promo-cd “Cápsula 2007” with four songs. We’re, at this moment, composing the material for the first album of the band.
Line up:
Gustavo Di Pádua - Guitars/Vocals
Lucas Cuesta - Bass guitars
Kelder Paiva - Drums
More details at: www.myspace.com/capsularocknervoso

Aquaria (Metal) We’ve recently released the second album of the band, “Shambala” in Japan by Marquee/Avalon. And it will be released in Brazil too. The first cd, “Luxaeterna” was released in Japan by the same label, in Brazil by Hellion, and it was also licensed in Russia, México and other countries.
Line up:
Vitor Veiga - Vocals
Alb Cury - Keyboards
Gustavo Di Pádua - Guitars
Rob Scrip - Guitars
Fernando Giovannetti - Bass guitars
Bruno Agra- Drums
More details at: http://www.myspace.com/aquarialuxband

Glory Opera ( Metal) The band invited me to become part of the team in 2007. With two released albums, “Rising Moangá” and “Equilibrium”, the band has achieved a huge success in the brazilian heavy metal scene. We haven’t played together yet, but I believe that we will tour in Brazil as soon as possible.
Line Up:
Humberto Sobrinho - Vocals
Fernando Givannetti - Bass guitars
Carlos Ceroni - Keyboards
Gustavo Di Pádua - Guitars
Renato Sotto - Guitars
Helmut Quacken - Drums
More details at: http://www.myspace.com/gloryopera

Who’s music do you prefer and why - Metallica or Megadeth?

Both bands were big influences for me. I even played, a long time ago, in a Megadeth tribute band, and it was really cool to play songs like Holy Wars and Tornado Of Souls!
When I started playing guitar (I was 15 years old), there was this pub where I lived, and they played Metallica every night, and of course, me and a few friends would ‘headbang’ all night, looking at each other and doing some “air guitar”. Hahahaha
So it’s really hard to choose just one band. Both bands are part of my life and I still enjoy them very much. But if a have to pick just one, I would pick Megadeth, just because of the guitar compositions.

So what’s your drink of choice at 11pm in the evening?

Well... Coca Cola Light and water would be good, but... a nice cold beer! 11pm... If I’m not working or on a diet, that’s my favorite drink, for sure! Hahaha

Well guys, thank you very much for everything! Thanks a lot! A great hug and I really hope that everybody enjoys my album “The Stairs”.



Interview: 29th June 2008