The Texan Shredder: RUSTY COOLEY!

Our Brand New Feature 'Elevenses', Throws Eleven Quick Questions 'The Texan Shredder' Rusty Cooley!

Rusty Cooley is the highly revered, Houston based Guitarist from progressive metal masters Outworld. He is also at the forefront of the instructional video world, offers online guitar lessons using Skype and endorses an array of brands including Ibanez 7 string guitars and Conklin 8 & 9 string guitars!

So what’s your drink of choice at 11am in the morning?

Coca-Cola or water.

Which song/album really made you want to play guitar?

Diary of a Madman!

Who’s the world’s greatest guitarist?

I don’t think that title can be given to any one guitarist.

Who’s the world’s most underrated guitarist?

Shawn Lane or Allan Holdsworth.

So what are you up to at the moment?

My band Outworld is in the studio working on a demo.

What was the last gig you went to (as a member of the audience)?
Who would be in your dream line-up?

As I Lay Dying and All That Remains.

Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci, Howard Jones and Bruce Dickinson.

How many guitars do your own and which one is ‘your precious’?

7 guitars. My favourite is my Dean 7 string signature model the RC (Rusty Cooley) 7.

What’s the last great album that you bought (or were given)?

As I lay Dying.

Do you suffer from stage fright?

Sometimes when I’m doing solo material.

So what’s your drink of choice at 11pm in the evening?