YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN! The Neo-Classical King

Today's Elevenses Throws Eleven Quick Questions At 'The Neo-Classical King' Yngwie J. Malmsteen!

Yngwie J. Malmsteen is one of rock's premiere virtuoso guitarists. His grammy nominated 1984 debut solo album, 'Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force', established seemingly overnight the musical genre now referred to as 'neo-classical' rock. Yngwie is a legend in both style and technique, has released 16 solo studio albums and toured the world many times over.

Yngwie continues to play and compose at a level of mastery that many career musician only dream of. We caught up with him in December 2007.

So what’s your drink of choice at 11am in the morning?


Which song/album really made you want to play guitar?

It was not a song - it was a vision.

Who’s the world’s greatest guitarist?

There is no such thing. This is not a sport.

Who’s the world’s most underrated guitarist?

Allan Holdsworth.

So what are you up to at the moment?

I am finishing up a new record.

What was the last gig you went to (as a member of the audience)?
Who would be in your dream line-up?

Heaven & Hell.

Cozy Powell on drums

Johann Sebastian Bach on keyboards

Pavorotti on vocals

(Guess that leaves Yngwie on Guitar - cool. Ed)

How many guitars do your own and which one is ‘your precious’?

About 200 guitars - no favourite.

What’s the last great album that you bought (or were given)?

Itzac Perlman.

Do you suffer from stage fright?

No I don't.

So what’s your drink of choice at 11pm in the evening?

Diet Coke!





(Interview - 21st December 2007)