Andy Timmons

The Future Of Shred: ANDY JAMES!

Elevenses Throws Eleven Quick Questions At 'The Future Of Shred’ Andy James!

Andy James is the highly revered UK guitarist of whom many critics and seasoned players fondly refer to as ‘The Future Of Shred’. Andy is not only a solo artist (currently working on his third album) but also in the midlands-based band ‘Sacred Mother Tongue’, who are also targeted for a bright future.


In an Elevenses Special, we catch up with Kip Winger and talk about his new album 'From The Moon To The Sun'.

Kip Winger is as prolific as a musician can be. He is a multi-talented instrumentalist, revered songwriter and founder of the multi-platinum Winger. His latest solo album 'From The Moon To The Sun' is released on 9th May 2008 through Frontiers Records. Already hailed as a masterpiece, the album also features All Out Guitar favourite Andy Timmons.

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