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Elevenses Special With Rising Progressive duo: PROJECT 8105!

Elevenses Special With Rising Progressive duo: PROJECT 8105!

In an Elevenses Special, we catch up with UK Prog duo Project 8105...

"Project 8105" are a Progressive Metal/Pop/Rock/Jazz outfit comprising of 2 members - Lucky Singh (28) & Kevin Bartlett (31) both hailing from the UK (Telford/Shropshire). Having worked together for since 2003 on numerous projects they have hit the Music scene with there epic debut which contains musicianship that steps deep into Dream Theatre like territory.

Michael Romeo Interview – A Perfect Symphony Part One: 1970's to 2000.

Symphony X's Neo Classical Shred Virtuoso Michael Romeo Exclusive Interview

Back in the mid 1990's Symphony X surfaced from the fertile breeding ground for virtuoso rock and shred/metal guitarists that is New Jersey, USA. One of those very rare bands whose signature sound and approach was pretty much fully formed from day one, Symphony X emerged with a stunning blend of precision metal riffing, soaring melodies and show stopping solo passages from guitarist Michael Romeo and keyboardist Mike Pinella that provided the previously unchallenged Dream Theater with a viable contender for the throne of the ultimate prog metal band.

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