Eric Johnson

Jas Morris Interview

Guitar Idol 2008 Finalist, the supremely melodic Jas Morris Tells All in this Mega Interview!

Jas Morris was a late entry in the first Guitar Idol competition and although he was too late to make much of an impression on the voting public his combination of melodic and eloquent lead playing, stylistic versatility, groove and sheer compositional ability meant that as soon as he was heard by the pro panel of judges his place at the final was assured. On the day of the Grand Live Final at The London International Music Show Jas had the daunting task of opening the show... and he performed superbly. 

Phil Hilborne Interview: The Guv'nor Part One

The UK's top Guitarist and Educator Phil Hilborne provides an exclusive mega interview with guitar tales galore featuring a host of world famous players...
Phil Hilborne Live

When we sat down and conceived back in 2005, I had a wish list of players that I really wanted to feature. Phil Hilborne was right at the top: for anyone learning to play rock guitar growing up in the 80's and early 90's in the UK, Phil was pretty much omnipresent. As music editor of Guitarist magazine, and latterly co-founder and Music and CD Editor of Guitar Techniques, Phil influenced and taught a whole generation how to play - and play properly....

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