The Showdown's: JOSH CHILDERS!

The Showdown's: JOSH CHILDERS!

Back At Christmas Time Elevenses Threw Eleven Quick Questions at The Showdown's Josh Childers!

Josh Childers is the guitarist for the much praised Southern Christian Metalcore band The Showdown. They played on last summer's Ozzfest and are currently touring with Shadows Fall. Their new album entitled "Back Breaker" is expected to be released this fall.

Josh plays Dean Guitars.


Norma Jean's CHRIS DAY!

Elevenses Catch Up With Norma Jean's: CHRIS DAY!

Today's Elevenses Throws Eleven Quick Questions At Norma Jean's Chris Day!

Chris Day is guitarist for Norma Jean, the ever popular Christian Metalcore band from Atlanta, USA. Norma Jean have started writing material for their 4th studio album this month, which is to be recorded in April. They will also be playing the entire 2008 Warped Tour.

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