Steve Lukather Interview: Ever Changing Times...

Steve Lukather is a man who needs no introduction to most guitarists the world over - and it's safe to say that pretty much anyone who's listened to popular music over the past 30 years will have heard his work: from Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Madonna through to Roger Waters, Don Henley and Boz Scaggs - not forgetting his multi platinum band Toto - Steve Lukather is one of the most recorded and acclaimed guitarists in history.

The Ultimate Professional: STEVE LUKATHER!

Our Brand New Feature 'Elevenses', Throws Eleven Quick Questions At 'The Ultimate Professional' Steve Lukather!

Steve Lukather has written, performed, produced and recorded with more legendary artists than seems possible. Outside of his own hugely successful Grammy winning band Toto, Steve has worked with Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Herbie Hancock, Van Halen, Lionel Richie and Eric Clapton.

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